lundi 29 mai 2017

Now we are six

Louise in the front with her matted coat

At last the two remaining ewes were caught and we went to collect them. Thelma and Louise, the latter being the mother of Comfrey. Both completely freaked out and nervous and Louise in terrible condition with 3 year old matted, infested, fleece and infected eyes. We left them a day to acclimatise and reacquaint themsleves with the males. Louise is definitely the matriarch of the flock. Today we eventually succeeded in herding all the sheep into the shelter. Louise's fleece was disgusting (it went for compost) and and it took 2-3 mins to wash her eyes clean of all the encrusted muck - now she can blink properly. Signs that during her escape shes been attacked by dog on her rear end, scabbed wounds but it seems to be healing fine, no wonder she's so nervous. Thelma's fleece was the best of the lot, I think she's probably a year old.  Whilst the sheep were penned we gave them all a dose of anthelmintic and tagged Apache (Comfrey's ears are still so small he'll have to wait for his tags). I think the two new ewes are part ouessant part tarasconnais judging from their faces and that fact that Louise has small horn buds - female ouessants don't have horns.

Both ewes obviously much happier and slowly calming down. 

Thelma right, Louise left sporting their new cleaner look.

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