dimanche 18 juin 2017

Hay making

Hay making last couple of days. just cutting the flattest part of the field in front of the house for starters. In the heat it only takes a day to dry. After a swim with Susie and Sandrine in the river, Nathaniel very kindly dropped by with a borrowed "andaineur" to put the hay into rows ready for bailing. When I pulled the bailer out of its parking place, one of the tyres disintegrated - which threatened to put pay to the whole operation (the bailer only cost 50 euros!). Then I remembered the old identical bailer abandoned on the Plat d'Artigue. I quickly whipped the wheel off destroying my car jack in the process! We managed to swap the wheel with the damaged one on my bailer and after several hours of fiddling by Nathaniel we got the knotters back in action. A quick 30 or so bales of hay to check all was working and we're ready to do the rest of the field tomorrow. We should get 150 bales - enough for the sheep this winter.

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