mercredi 28 juin 2017

Terrace building last few days

Day 1 progress

45sqm of decking and 1310 screws later...

Crazy stormy weather this week with some pretty impressive storm fronts coming in from the North-West.

2 commentaires :

gabriele gray a dit…

What a wonderful change. And, as usual, you make it all look easy and the finished project (or as it is now shown) fits in perfectly; a part of the house, not just an add-on.
But a question. The decking has a somewhat rosy tint to it. Is it a cedar or did you stain the wood? I like cedar.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Actually it's just stained and treated (at the sawmill) pine. Teak or acacia is beyond our resources and larch too resinous. Cedar wasn't an option! We used the same stuff for the gite and it seems fine, so we thought why not for us too!