jeudi 20 juillet 2017

Animals and vegetables

Very changeable weather at the moment, either incredibly hot and humid, or stormy or drizzly. Susie rescued a field vole from a weasel - having saved him, he then bit her to say thank-you!

The onion harvest is in.

Plenty more produce to come in the polytunnel and vegetable garden.

Sheep are still doing well and will soon be joined by another 4 ewes.

Emily (Susie's niece) is staying for a few days. Yesterday we did the Cascade d'Ars / Etang de Guzet circuit in the morning as a big storm was forecast for the afternoon but it never really arrived. Today we'll probably head to the swimming pool/spa in St Girons.

One of chickens has had a respiratory problem - wheezing and coughing - which is always cause for concern. We isolated him from the other chickens and have been keeping a close eye on him. There are no other symptoms (like inflamed comb, running eyes or nose) so we're hoping its nothing too serious. None of the other birds are showing any signs either, so we'll keep them apart for 3 days as a precaution.

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