mardi 25 juillet 2017

New Sheep

Four more ewes to join our little flock of ouessants - 10 in all now, although we'll try to sell the black ram as we already have a white ram. Our sheep are now Moe-chee (black ram), William (white ram), Thelma, Louise and Faith (ewes), Comfrey (male lamb), Apache, Hopi, Sioux and Nanook (female lambs).

Scything the top field I managed to stumble upon a asiatic hornets nest on the ground, famous for their aggression and powerful sting I got stung on the head above my ear. Incredibly painful for 24 hours. The pompiers used to remove nests free of charge as they are considered dangerous (several attacks have lead to deaths in the past in France) but apparently this is no longer the case. I'll have to buy a special product if I want to go in the field again this year.

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