mercredi 5 juillet 2017


After a week of temperatures in the high thirties, we had a week of rain and storms and even lit a fire in the house a couple of nights running! But the heat has now returned. I've finished off the South East end of the house with a roof to protect the back door (slates coming sometime soon). Susie is in the UK for a week visiting friends, sisters, Jasper and Ruby.

 A baby red deer in the field

 Clouds after one of many storms

The new rear porch

2 commentaires :

gabriele gray a dit…

Did you sow the seed for that meadow? I think I'm seeing yarrow there which I was told is admired by deer and sheep alike. It looks like a wonderful blend even if I can't identify any of the others. I used to gather the various wild herbs; yarrow and mullein were the best for teas, tinctures, sales & such. Faun no doubt enjoying the buffet offerings. Your sheep must be settled in and enjoying their new home and life with pastures like this!

Lee Sharp a dit…

That's true wild pasture well over 100 years old, maybe 200 or more - the barns around it where built in the 1860's. I've found about 10 species of orchid in it but haven't counted how many other plants - guessing easily 40 or more.