dimanche 13 août 2017

Pic Seron South Ridge

Susie and I had planned to climb one of the Couserans bigger peaks (Maubermé or Mon Rouch) but Susie ripped some skin on her foot yesterday so we opted for something more modest. I've climbeD peak Seron seven times before but never by the South ridge, a route that looks very direct and interesting from Gerac.

We continued on the main track after the path for the ladders and eventually broke left to climb the lower ridge. As the ridge narrows a cairned path became evident.
Gerac below

A crazy cut-out in the felsenmeer - isard?

The South ridge is composed of huge granite slabs

The path alternates through patches of tumbles slabs which have to climbed through but the granite is covered in huge phenocrysts, which have weathered to form handy "chicken-head" holds for climbing them. 

We spotted some alpine accentors on the way up

We reached the summit (2489m) after about two and a quarter hours and after lunch decided to descend via the Etang d'Aube - Susie fancied a dip (but alas the water was too cold even for her).

The familiar profile of Mont Valier and its satellites from the summit

The Etang d'Aube, dominated by the Dent de Médé

There were quite a few people camping and bathing at the Etang de Médé. After crossing the Col de Cerda we quickly back at the car - about 5 hours plus lunch for the circuit. A quick beer and chips at the ski chalet/restaurant on the Col d'Escots was a lovely treat.

Back home Susie's flowers are in full bloom and I've been making sandwich pickle with the glut of squashes.

Colourful pickle mix ready for cooking

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