lundi 8 janvier 2018

Another poorly hen

Despite being free range, well fed, watered and housed and regularly de-wormed, we have another poorly hen. "Moon Zappa" started her moult and as is often the case became quite lethargic and had low appetite. The moult is still going on but she has become more and more low and developed diarrhoea. We separated her from the other hens and have brought her into the porch, feeding her as best we can with a syringe. Some chicken food, some scrambled egg to boost her protein intake (needed for her new set of feathers) and a little propolis to try and combat any bacterial/viral infection she may have picked up.

It's been a week but there's little sign of improvement. No symptoms other than moulting, lethargy and diarrhoea. All we can do keep trying to feed and water her, and keep her warm and comfortable. Hoping she pulls through.

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