lundi 19 mars 2007

Snow and Granite

Well after some disk cutting and few hours of heavy work with lump hammer and bolster - tiny granite fragments and sparks flying in all directions - I've hardly scratched the surface! Man this rock is hard.
Looking at the geological map this rock doesn't exist here. However, I am very close (about a km or so) from a major fault caused by a granite pluton with contact metamorphism, so my guess is that this is a tiny hyperbyssal intrusion (probably a dyke) passing right under my house! Will probably have a look for evidence of it outside when the snow has gone.
Talking of which it is still snowing and is forecast to continue for the next couple of days. Ironically Guzet Neige my local ski resort decided to close for the season last weekend. It probably has more snow now than it has seen all winter!

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Anonyme a dit…

No shortage of lesbians under houses in Morzine.

Snowing like a mother and thickening nicely for the rest of the week. Come over and stop looking at rock formations. Jp