mercredi 24 avril 2019

Today the south wind heralds stormy weather tomorrow but creates wonderful skies.

After a week or so of recovery from the Pyrenees Contemporary Dance Residential (which went very well indeed), it's back to work. Clearing more land to feed the swelling number of sheep - now 29 after the late arrival of another lamb on Sunday.

Clearing the scrub woodland and coppice between the ampitheatre (left) and the new field we cleared 18 months ago (top right).

samedi 6 avril 2019

Lambs and Morels

Continuing exploration of some areas I haven't been to for a while for the map which is now nearly ready for the first daft print.
View from the North ridge of Joubac with the Arac far below

4 more lambs including twins for Thelma. Possibly one more to come?

 Thelma and twins

Nanouk and her white and black lamb Pingo

The dance residency starts tomorrow, so glad most of the lambing is safely out of the way. Several lambs this year have been "pasted up" and required a warm soapy wash of their rear end to unblock them, but all seems well. 6 females and 2 males.
After several barren years for morel mushrooms, a nice haul today.