lundi 29 mars 2021


Project porch continues. Having removed the old bathroom window (to be reused on the other wall) and bricked it up, work has started on making the new doorway into the bathroom, heavy and dusty work breaking through the stonework and reinforced concrete lintol, but the worst is over I hope!

samedi 20 mars 2021

Fabric off the loom

Finally the fabric is off the loom and in the washing machine. 7m of "extended manifold twill" in cotton. Next curtain making.

Rula one of red hens has developed water-belly not uncommon in old laying hens, but she's not that old. "Ascites" is usually a sign of hypertension or liver failure so it's a symptom of an underlying illness, but there's a slim chance it could be a liver infection, so we took her to the vet. They emptied much of the fluid (over 200ml) and gave her some anti biotics and a diuretic. A very sick hen we doubted she be alive in the morning, but she's still hanging on this afternoon and eating and drinking, though she's obviously very weak. Chickens are so difficult to save if they get sick...time will tell, but her chances are still 50/50 at best.


samedi 13 mars 2021

Porch days 2 and 3

 After a day mostly adapting the old door (which is neither square nor flat) to hang and close snuggly, today everything is insulated and waterproof....external cladding and a door cill next, then internal finishes and a floor screed.

mercredi 10 mars 2021

Porch works

 Having found a beautiful old door (c1840) and obtained a window, works started today on enclosing porch.

mardi 9 mars 2021

Weaving continues

 75% of the way through...the end is in sight!

jeudi 4 mars 2021

Red billed Leiothrix!

I was surprised yesterday evening to catch a glimpse of a little flock of colourful birds I couldn't recognise. Today I returned and got some photos. A fast flying passerine, the red billed leiothrix comes from China and the Himalayas and was imported to Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Some escaped and they are now established in small numbers across southern Europe.


mardi 2 mars 2021


A trip to the north of the Ariège to see the Storks at Mazère and then a spot of orienteering in Pamiers with Sheri, Michiel, Paula and Andy. Mazère was bloody freezing and Susie and I were completely caught out as we'd got used to the sunny weather here. Thank god we didn't wear shorts which has been the norm here for the last week!