mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Flat refurbishment

A long week in Bath refurbishing my flat after the tenant moved out. A lot of cleaning, new shower enclosure, new velux, replacement tiles in the kitchen, CO alarms and redecoration. Hope the next tenant looks after it a bit better!

mardi 7 juillet 2015

Crazy hot weather has continued for the past week with it peaking at around 38 in the shade each day and barely dropping below 22 at night. It's been a struggle to keep the house cool!

Justin, Emily, Thea and Myla came over for lunch on Sunday and it was good to catch up with all their news. Thanks for the saucisson!

The bathroom make-over is complete - the last single glazed window has been removed and blocked up (it never was very comfortable sitting on the loo with people eating their dinner outside the window on the terrace!), new oak trims, some teserae outside the shower, plus a general repaint. A new window for the porch also.

samedi 4 juillet 2015


Temperatures are pushing 40 in the shade at the moment, which makes for uncomfortable working outside. Early starts are required for grass cutting, scything under the fences and other works.

No signs of mushrooms, but the amount of vegetation growth in the last month is incredible...even for the Ariege.

Fortunately this includes our kiwi plants which last year we thought might have died as they did nothing but shed leaves.

The big meadow is armpit high and full of flowers. Other works this trip include finishing revamping the old shower room and swapping some windows in the porch and utility.