samedi 30 mars 2013

Coast Walk

Another walk along the coast between Brixham and to France in the morning.

jeudi 28 mars 2013


The sun has made an appearance for the second time this month! Could the abominable weather of the last 9 months be coming to an end? I hope so. We're off to France in a couple of days but by a cruel twist of fate the weather is not looking so good there next week...oh well, at least it'll be peaceful and warmer than here. 

A walk around Dartington this morning with the camera



An old lime kiln and what must have been some kind of hopper behind it.

samedi 23 mars 2013

Walls and walls

I finally finished the pointing and rendering to the rear patio, all looking good. 

Last night Susie, Al and I went to the Banff Mountail Film Festival UK tour. A great evening of mountain sport films from around the globe - awe inspiring. Yes, the guy in the photo below (Alex Honnold) is un-roped - he climbed El Cap un-roped too, during the night, in 6hrs (he's done it in under 3hrs in the daylight).

lundi 18 mars 2013


About 3/5 of the way through pointing the back wall of the house here in Totnes with lime mortar.

dimanche 17 mars 2013


At last a glimpse of blue sky

dimanche 10 mars 2013

A fairly non-eventful return to the UK apart from some heavy turbulence as we entered UK airspace, which always makes me feel a bit nervous.

Back in Totnes I've completed some more rendering at the rear of the house now that the harling coat has finally hardened, tidied the garden and made several short wanders with Susie. On the moor this morning it was snowing on and off and with the strong winds the snow stung our faces.

lundi 4 mars 2013

Warm again

 Another warm day with a south wind. After an early start I enlarged the hole into the attic above our bedroom so that we can get a little more borrowed light and ventilation through the window from the stairwell next door.

Then a trip to St Girons to talk to letting agents about the house at Pont de la Taule. Hopefully I can find some tenants at Easter.

The rest of day was spent making fence posts and re-fencing fields 1 and 2. Then having a major clear up. Tomorrow there's more work to do at Pont.

dimanche 3 mars 2013

Another doe

The roebuck has found another doe! Bold as brass they wandered through the front garden. The bucks 3 point antlers are still covered in velvet (the rut is not until the summer).

Spent the rest of the day at Pont de la Taule finishing off small jobs that have been waiting too long! I need to find tenants this spring.

samedi 2 mars 2013

Spring starts today!!

Replaced the other two king pin bearings this morning. The bottom one was totally destroyed so my diagnosis was correct. Sun is out and weather is glorious. Lunch in the sun in T-shirt and sun hat. Easy to forget how beautiful it is here when I'm away or here and too busy working to relax and smell the coffee!

In the afternoon I completed the guarding to the stairs.

vendredi 1 mars 2013

More snow

More snow overnight and forecast for most of today. Some roedeer (chevreuil) - a buck and three does - in front of the house this morning.