dimanche 26 juin 2022

From the searing heat to much cooler and damp weather. 7 lambs came in quick succession but the last four seem to be keeping us waiting. Olive, a ewe lamb born to truffle, is struggling. Very lethargic compared to the other lambs even though she is suckling well. She and Truffle are confined to the barn to keep warm, rest and hopefully be less stressed. The next few days will be critical to see if she can pull through.

dimanche 19 juin 2022






The crazy heatwave continues with temperatures nudging 40 in the shade.  Another lamb on Saturday to Truffle - a girl this time- I spotted her at 6.00 am then sat just 3 or 4m away a fox, quietly watching! I chased it away. The crazy temperatures are causing the sheep to give birth at night which increases the chance of predators. Last night I was awoke at 3.45 by baaing. I found Louise in the barn having just given birth to a boy and the fox sat again close to the barn! He didn't hang around as soon as he saw my torch. Once Louise was safely closed in the barn I found Puffle in the middle of field also having just given birth thus time to to girl. Little else to do but stay up all night standing guard with the rifle in case the fox was after more than just placenta! Another seven lambs to come in the next week to 10 days. The sheep are now in the field in front of the house which I hope will offer some deterrent.

In between times, Architecture projects - my largest project goes in for planning this week and trying to progress the living room. Still waiting for floor tiles and few other odds and ends still to do.

vendredi 17 juin 2022

First lamb of '22

The crazy heat continues with temperature in the high 30's, too hot to do most things though the work has to continue! Very early this morning our first lamb of 2022 (first offspring of Tiny Tim) was born to Chihero. Pretty sure it's a boy but it's hard to tell with tiny ouessants.


mardi 14 juin 2022


Super hot and muggy today 45 degrees in the sun. Thunder rumbled all day and the inevitable storm came in the late evening.


More living room progress

Beams sanded - what a job! 15kg of sawdust lighter.

plasterboarding and electrics complete

fireplace tiled, ready for tape and jointing


samedi 28 mai 2022

 Fireplace under construction

vendredi 27 mai 2022

sheep shearing


living room progress

Rubble levelled and blinded, insulation down

DPM and second day of concreting

Concreting over ready for moving central heating circuits and reconnecting radiators

Roughing out the new fireplace and stove location

samedi 7 mai 2022

Living room floor

The living room has been slowly rotting since before I bought the house at Quélébu. I've been putting the project for for a long time but at last it can wait no more. The old floor boards are removed and cut for firewood, the sleeper walls have knocked over and broken....next job is trying to turn it into smaller hardcore to form a sub-base for the new concrete floor and ceramic tiles. 


dimanche 24 avril 2022

Loom cushion

 The cushion from the honeycomb weave is finished....next weave will be something with built in pleats maybe using using S and Z twist yarns!

samedi 23 avril 2022

Loom makeover

With a new 12 shaft loom due to arrive in late June, I ve had the old loom for sale for the last few weeks with no interest at all. It was pretty old, dusty and tired looking so I thought I d give it a make over. The side frames and capstans I stained, everything else I planed or sanded to get rid of the old brown stain and get back to the beech wood. It all looks rather fabulous so I think I might keep it! Ultimately if we get more space, I could use it for teaching.


mardi 19 avril 2022

Washed and ready for pressing

Honeycomb weave after washing. The thick wool weft moves into the long warp floats  forming the wavy shapes. It's quite a structured fabric, it'll be a cushion for my loom bench.

dimanche 17 avril 2022

honeycomb weave

Some honeycomb weave on the loom, hopefully the thick beige weft will distort once off the loom and washed to become much more wavy, with successive lines almost touching...we'll see.

Two more morel locations found - its been a good year!


dimanche 10 avril 2022

More morels and Etang d'Appy

Another nice haul of Morels yesterday....delicious!

With good weather forecast (20 degrees), Sheri proposed a trip to the Etang d'Appy in the massif de Tabe between Pic Barthélémy and Pic de Han. It's a couple of hours drive away, but not too long a walk. It's quite a popular rando and on arrival decided we wouldn't need snowshoes.

We made quick work of the ascent, storming up the hill passing all in our path! We had come a bit overdressed so it was hot work. On the final shoulder, where the gradient of the path reduces the snow began, but it was load bearing and not too icy so easy in boots.

The lake was mostly frozen and covered in snow despite the hot temperature, which left a couple of ducks feeling somewhat confused. The lake is particularly picturesque because it's "infinity pool" location on the mountainside and its great views to the west.

Mont Valier (home in the far distance)

Duck skating

The descent like the ascent was a bit of slog, but the wide views kept it interesting. 4 1/2 hours including a leisurely lunch with 750m of ascent and 10km distance.