jeudi 31 décembre 2020

Bouirex on skis


Another trip up Bouirex, this time on skis. A couple of laps up to the transmitter and down through the trees before skiing back to the main road (Seix - Col de le Core). Powdery on the first descent getting heavier by the second and very heavy low down. Although there's not so much snow, I only hit a rock under the snow once and that was crossing the piste which heads to the transmitter...a deep gouge in the base now repaired.

lundi 28 décembre 2020

 Susie's first ski pushing her up and down the deck on skis! Susie was in hysterics.

dimanche 27 décembre 2020

Stroll up Joubac

A stroll up Joubac this afternoon to see the state of the Snow.

Aleu, Coumarba and Valier

The road to Quélébu

Pic Montaud to Tuc de Berbegué

Pic Caumale and Pic rouge de Bassies

Pic de la Journalade

The loom conversion taking shape


mardi 22 décembre 2020

Col Dret and Tuc de la Coume with Golden Eagle

It was a very long way away and despite several sightings of birds that I thought were juvenile Golden Eagles (all in this area), I think this is my first definite sighting of an Adult.

The sighting was on another snowshoe walk today from the Etang de Lers towards the Tuc de la Coume via the Col Dret. A late start and a leisurely lunch in the glorious sunshine meant we didn't quite make it, stopping at Tuc de Ramonet before heading for home. Sheri and Michiel (recently returned) accompanied us.

Sun cream obligatory


lundi 21 décembre 2020

Loom conversion counterbalance to countermarch

My loom is a 4 shaft counterbalance loom but in order to weave more complicated patterns and fabrics I've decided to increase the number of shafts to 8. Whilst it's possible to have 8 shafts on a counterbalance loom, there are limitations and so I've decided to convert the loom to a countermarch loom. So I'm currently building (from scraps and an old table) 4 pedals, 8 lower lams, 4 upper lams, 4 shafts and the countermarch assembly with its 16 levers. There's not much information on the web so I'm working from photos of countermarch looms and my own mechanical knowledge.

lundi 14 décembre 2020


Trading in my wide angle lens to get a bit more reach and quality with a second hand telephoto lens...this photo is OK but still a bit blurry and required a heavy crop, so hoping a new lens will help me achieve better results.

dimanche 13 décembre 2020

jeudi 10 décembre 2020

Weaving underway!

Alas I tied up the shafts in reverse, so the fabric is upside down...I will have to wait until it's all done to turn it over and see the pattern!

lundi 7 décembre 2020

Warping the loom

 All done...the job I like least about weaving.

dimanche 6 décembre 2020

First snows of winter

The first snows have been arriving at Quélébu over the past few days and will continue during the coming week. Just a few inches at a time, but enough to make everywhere white and put a base down in the mountains for skiing.

The sunny breaks give us a chance to go sightseeing without much cold weather gear.

Below 600m there's no snow to speak of.

Before the snow hit I set about adjusting the injection timing on the tractor as it's not been running as smoothly or powerfully as before the rebuild. Whilst trying to loosen the fuel pump I broke a fuel line which couldn't be replaced until a trip to St Girons the following day...end result was doing the work in short breaks between snowstorms (as the tractor was parked outside!). In the end the injection timing was OK but the duration had to be increased...easily done and now it's running perfectly.


jeudi 3 décembre 2020

Back on the loom!

Trying a slightly different method of warping the loom this time.