jeudi 28 mai 2015


It's been half term in the UK so Anna planned a lovely evening walk to the The Maltsters on Monday and on Wednesday Susie cooked an amazing spread of Indian cuisine for some friends at our house in Dartington.

An early flight this morning and I'm back in France. Gloriously hot and lovely sound of a thousand crickets in the meadow. After some much needed grass cutting, I went for stroll to check on the fields and bumped in Paul.

Nearly 91 and still driving his tractor up to his barn at Le Sarrach and climbing through the woods searching for mushrooms most days. He gave me the sad news that Louise (Annie and Lucette's mother and Minsou's sister, died last week).

The fields are full of orchids, some photos:


samedi 23 mai 2015

Project updates

Slating and leadwork complete at Laura and Guy's

 The random width chestnut boarding on the facade

The project at Hastings 'slowly' progressing

samedi 16 mai 2015

The latest building project, a kitchen and bathroom extension for Laura and Guy taking shape.

First shots with the new camera which Olympus sent to the replace my old one.

 Looking across Dartmoor on my way to see Anton Coaker for some chestnut.

Lovely weather yesterday, so we spent the afternoon in Dartington Gardens.

mercredi 6 mai 2015

Camera problems and France

It's been a while since my last post. My Olympus Stylus 1 developed an annoying intermittent fault and as it was still under warranty I sent it back to Olympus for repair. Two weeks later it returned having been to Portugal to be repaired in little more than a plastic bag! It was missing the viewfinder shroud and had a load of new faults! After writing an angry letter to Olympus the camera is once more with their repair facility, supposedly with a senior technician. I'm still awaiting it's return.

Another timber frame building project is under way in Devon, this time a kitchen and bathroom extension for friends near Totnes. Photos soon.

A quick visit to France at the weekend is now coming to a close. Final works at La Falaise, emptying the barn of rubbish, strimming and extending the ventilation from the septic tank to the roof ridge.

A Quelebu, some long overdue works: 

Lowering the basin in the bathroom

 Double glazing for the old part of the house

 Kiwi plants showing signs of growth at long last

 The rose of the pergola expanding

Susie's onions and strawberries (after a marathon session of dock removal)

 Plants from Pont for the porch

  The lime tree doing well

An unknown beastie about 3-4 cm long...maybe a type of digger wasp?