lundi 30 novembre 2020

Chateau Mirabat


After a month of storming up Joubac most days (come sun, rain, frost and snow) today was the last scheduled day (though I might continue). I pushed as hard as I could and did break into a trot once or twice to be sure of getting the best time....31min 45 seconds. A full 8 mins 15 seconds faster than my first attempt, so definitely an improvement (20% off).

Yesterday with the first easing of confinement, we were allowed to exercise for three hours and travel up to 20km. We met up with Sheri at Azas and headed up to Chateau Mirabat.

The ascent through the trees was mostly in the shade but eventually just before the top we emerged into the sunshine. A quick lunch on the summit and spectacular views before rushing back to the car.

First snows forecast for Wednesday - just a few flakes - before heavy snow over the weekend and Monday...can't wait!

jeudi 26 novembre 2020

dimanche 22 novembre 2020

Leg stretching during lockdown

With high pressure dominating, the weather is gloriously sunny and clear during the day, though frosty at night. We're allowed to exercise within a 1km radius of our home, which fortunately for us covers a vast wilderness with virtually no's easy to get "lost" and over run the 1 hour limit though we never see anyone else! 

A very nice tour this afternoon of about 6 miles and 1700ft of ascent. Beautifully clear skies, below a glimpse of Pica d'Estats (10,312ft and highest peak in Catalonia) between the Dent de Médé and Pic de la Mont Rouge.


mercredi 11 novembre 2020

The next weaving project

 Once the latest architectural project is over and I've ordered the yarn......

mercredi 4 novembre 2020

Keeping fit during the confinement

To try and stay fit whilst complying with the lockdown rules, I've started a daily hike to the top of Taus de Joubac (1069m). It's a little over 1km from the house as the crow flies, but the round trip walk is 6.2km (just under 4 miles) with 335m (1100ft) of ascent. I'm pushing myself to walk at a fast pace without breaking into a run. I'm getting slightly quicker each time though I suspect I'll plateau soon. Currently 37m50s up and 27m10s down. the first day was clear and dry, the second drizzly and today was rainy with snow falling for the last 100m! 

Naismith's rule would make the time for the circuit 1hr 49mins, so my time of 1hr 5mins is pretty good, though obviously the shortness of the hike makes a difference.