mercredi 4 novembre 2020

Keeping fit during the confinement

To try and stay fit whilst complying with the lockdown rules, I've started a daily hike to the top of Taus de Joubac (1069m). It's a little over 1km from the house as the crow flies, but the round trip walk is 6.2km (just under 4 miles) with 335m (1100ft) of ascent. I'm pushing myself to walk at a fast pace without breaking into a run. I'm getting slightly quicker each time though I suspect I'll plateau soon. Currently 37m50s up and 27m10s down. the first day was clear and dry, the second drizzly and today was rainy with snow falling for the last 100m! 

Naismith's rule would make the time for the circuit 1hr 49mins, so my time of 1hr 5mins is pretty good, though obviously the shortness of the hike makes a difference.

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