vendredi 24 novembre 2017

Tuc de la Seube

Another trip into the snow before more arrives in the mountains this weekend and later in the week at Quélébu. Susie, Sandrine and I headed up from the Col de la Core towards the Etang d'Eychelle, on firm snow then with snow shoes as far as the T-junction with the path arriving from the Cabane d'Eliot. Then we headed steeply up towards the Tuc de la Seube. A headwall of snow on the North ridge required crampons to breach, we kept on for the summit and the descent to the Cabane d'Eliot. A long descent with much post-holing in soft snow saw us back at the car in 6 hours. A surprisingly tiring trip with about 800m of ascent.

At Quélébu we've a had a few days of digging and rotovating to create the raised beds for the symbiotic garden, which we hope to plant next spring.

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