lundi 22 janvier 2007

Signal de Bassia

Spent a night at L'auberge de Beyrede then nipped up Signal de Bassia in the morning for some lovely views of the mountains in Bigorre with Sandra. In the afternoon it rained but we had time to look at some more thatched roofs in in the Vallee de Campan, quite different from those in the Ariege with the thatch over the Pas d'Oiseaux, and for me to discover some more of Bagneres.

Back at Quelebu, I have been relaying all the below ground drains after Al (aka 'Colon the Barbarian' or 'the Bristol bog blocker') came to stay. The blockage was so severe I had to dig everything up to get things flowing and having done so I took the opportunity to remove some of the ridiculously tight (and needless) bends in the drains.

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