dimanche 23 mars 2008

Cirque d'Anglade

With snow falling last night and continuing today, climbing in the high mountains wasn't on but we thought we'd go to try to find some ice or at least reconnoitre some possible cascades for another year/colder weather. With between 30 and 50cm of fresh snow at 1500m we donned snowshoes and headed up to the Cirque d'Anglade above Salau. A guy in another 4x4 arrived just as we were about to leave for the Cirque and asked us to 'be careful as a bear and its cub were currently in the area'. Given Paul's reputation as an 'incident' magnet, we thought twice about leaving the car!
It was a pleasant stroll up through the woods and the Cirque was much more impressive than I had supposed. Alas the cascade wasn't sufficiently frozen to make climbing possible but I think it would be an excellent climb when in condition - perhaps 4-5 pitches at 70 degrees.

A foreshortened view looking up the cascade

A spot of dry-tooling before heading back to the car - we've called the route "weekend at the beach house/drinks at the tennis club"

Another short video from Paul, up in the cirque heading for the cascade, the bottom of which just appears at the centre top of the opening shots.

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