mardi 28 novembre 2017


The symbiotic garden is all mulched up and just in time - snow is forecast for the next 4 days!

vendredi 24 novembre 2017

Tuc de la Seube

Another trip into the snow before more arrives in the mountains this weekend and later in the week at Quélébu. Susie, Sandrine and I headed up from the Col de la Core towards the Etang d'Eychelle, on firm snow then with snow shoes as far as the T-junction with the path arriving from the Cabane d'Eliot. Then we headed steeply up towards the Tuc de la Seube. A headwall of snow on the North ridge required crampons to breach, we kept on for the summit and the descent to the Cabane d'Eliot. A long descent with much post-holing in soft snow saw us back at the car in 6 hours. A surprisingly tiring trip with about 800m of ascent.

At Quélébu we've a had a few days of digging and rotovating to create the raised beds for the symbiotic garden, which we hope to plant next spring.

dimanche 19 novembre 2017

Winter walk up towards the Port d'Aula

Since the minibus accident about 10 years ago when someone tried to take a minibus up to the Col de Pause in snowy conditions and reversed it off the road killing several people - controls on access in winter have become a bit tighter. Last year a friend of ours got a parking fine for going to the Col de Pause when the road was officially closed, even though there was no snow at all! We (Susie Sheri and I) decided to play it safe and parked at the barrier which added an extra couple of km and 300m of ascent - After the last hairpin the road becomes snowy but it was passable with a 4x4 (someone was parked there in fact). 

At the cabane d'Areau we lunched (having started late) and put on our crampons. At the Refuge Forest (ONF) we looked out over the frozen lake before returning on snowshoes. Snow conditions were variable crust, powder, hard frozen snow and wind blown snow all in the space of a few metres. Beautiful weather and lovely views as always.

The high pressure is bringing beautiful clear skies, warm daytime temps (18 this week) and cold night temperatures (-2). The sunsets are glorious!

mardi 14 novembre 2017


A quick stop around Guzet with a decent in our snowshoes. Much more snow than I thought and in fact a couple of inches of light fluff on top of a firm base.....I wish I'd taken my skis!

vendredi 10 novembre 2017


Snow Wednesday night and most of Thursday followed a slight thaw and rain, but a clear spell over night and this morning revealed all. 75cm of snow at 2100m.

This morning we wandered up Joubac for some photography and fresh air.

dimanche 5 novembre 2017

Sheep feeder

Snow down to 1650m today and snow forecast here building a hay feeder for the sheep has suddenly become pressing. Some old tent poles, off-cuts from the decking and other assorted projects provided enough for a quick construction today.

vendredi 3 novembre 2017

Pic de Girantes (2088m) from Port de Lers

We've had lovely weather for the last few weeks, but snow and rain are forecast next week. We've been trying to organise a walk with friends and neighbours all week but late gite bookings and other commitments have made it difficult to get everyone together on the same day. Finally, today we managed it and just in time to profit from the last of the good weather.

Sandrine, Sophie, Sheri, Pascale, Susie and I headed up Pic de Girantes, following the ski-touring route I did last year, from the Port de Lers.

It's not a long walk but with beautiful views.

Etang Garbet

Pointe 1976m