samedi 27 mai 2006


After resisting the inevitable for years I finally bought an MP3 player...ummed and ahhed about it, wasn't sure why I needed one, but eventually convinced myself that it might be useful to have my entire music collection in the car with me when I'm driving to and from Quelebu - listening to the same half dozen tapes for 20 hours can be mind blowingly dull.

I bought a 4Gb Samsung - same size as an ipod nano but twice the battery life (35 hours), a bigger screen and it doesn't get all scratched up. Worked straight out of the box and wow I'm sold on it all ready. Took an afternoon to load ALL my music and there's still some space. Put it on random play, put some comfy headphones on my head and wow I'm in heaven. I think I'm going to rediscover my music collection all over again.

samedi 6 mai 2006

visiting old friends

In oxford having lunch with frank and sophie