mardi 21 avril 2020

Using up all the old tins of can get some nice colours mixing them altogether.

vendredi 17 avril 2020

More macro

 A grizzled skipper butterfly on a milkwort flower

 One of the 20,000 longhorn beetle species

Meanwhile when not on leisure time a new entrance to the office was conceived , excavated, shuttered and poured!

mardi 14 avril 2020


The beech leaves are out and spring is sprung. This song thrush nest was a rather too obvious find and a few days later Mr Weasel had visited, before they'd even hatched.

The outside of the new workshop has been clad with the old larch boards - turned the other way around for a red rather than grey colour.

Lambs are all doing well...


Freddie and Norman

The warm weather has brought out the field crickets which are chirping away.

 All the fields are now recovering from last years drought conditions which devastated the grass;

Cuckoo flowers in abundance!

samedi 11 avril 2020

Staying busy

Staying busy during the lockdown. The symbiotic garden is mulched and starting to be planted.

The sheep are finally happy as the grass is growing faster than they can eat it...

...and the new TQ Architects home office is taking shape.

mercredi 8 avril 2020

Rest in Peace Mr Quince

Our splendid cockerel Mr Quince, finally succumbed to Marek's diesease. The last 8 months have been a struggle keeping him healthy but he's slowly lost the use of his legs and the last few days we've had to carry him everywhere. Unable to sit up today, it was sadly time to say goodbye. He was a big character and we loved him, he'll be hugely missed.