dimanche 30 octobre 2016

Pic Rouge de Bassies

Susie's Niece Emily and her boyfriend Edder have been here for 4-5 days, and after helping us with the land and digging new steps to the front door, we all went for a walk Up Pic Rouges de Bassies (2676m). Beautiful clear weather and fantastic views in all directions.

Mont Valier

Pic Rouge de Bassies on the horizon

Meanders and the refuge de Bassies


Montcalm and Pico d'Estats

ice crystals

Lovely colours at the Etang de Lhers

8 hours with a mini digger and I have made a platform for the poly tunnel which arrives next week, widened the entry to the field in the front of the house, dug a drain for water which collects in front of the gite and eased the access between the Chemin de Quélebu and the Chemin de Pinsou. 

 A haze of smoke today originating from the forest fires in Northern Spain

mardi 25 octobre 2016


After 4 days graft the longer side of the gite roof is slated, but I don't have enough to do the second side so I'll have to buy some more slates! 

Some rain yesterday evening but the today was balmy and warm.

samedi 22 octobre 2016


Last week Susie's sister Jen was here and they busied themselves with step building beside the vegetable garden, whilst Jasper and I gathered firewood and laid some more hedges. 

A lovely get together at chez Sheri's with John, Sandrine, Kim, Tim and Judith (who's organic garden we must vidit when she returns from Portugal).

Today Susie and I made a start on slating the gite roof, I continued all afternoon while she planted garlic and onions.

A visit from Dédé Vidale and Jean-Luc Fernandes in the afternoon with some meat from last year's chasse (the hunt starts here next weekend). In the evening l'apero at chez Philippe and Sophie, who are here for the next couple of weeks.

vendredi 14 octobre 2016

Autumn cometh

Rain all day today - snow above about 2200m. A quick wander in during a break in the weather gave some cep and orange birch bolettes.

jeudi 13 octobre 2016

 The new bookcase and worktop in the kitchen completed...

 Fields topped after a couple of years of neglect...

Autumn crocii 

mercredi 12 octobre 2016


All go this week...chickens have arrived, the field clearances are being completed, a secondhand mulcher/shredder finally arrived from the UK and extra shelves and vegetable racks are under construction in the kitchen. More photos tomorrow.

samedi 1 octobre 2016


Some cooler weather this weekend after glorious weather all last week, but sunshine returns on Monday.

The garage is now concreted up to the road and on Friday we shifted 6 trailer loads of manure from Galas d'en Haut to the potager. Although only across the valley, it's a 25 minute trip each way. We tried the short cut via Le Sarrach, Moulin d'Aleu and Galassus - which was a bit of an adventure as the track along the river to the Moulin was deep mud...we made it through the but the car was plastered and we decided not to risk it in the uphill direction towing 600kg of manure in the trailer. A couple more loads tomorrow should do it.