mardi 27 février 2018

More badgers below the house.

Latest footage from badger cam.

Very cold and clear here today....minus 9 degrees at 9.00 this morning, despite the sun.

mercredi 14 février 2018

vendredi 9 février 2018

Latest neighbour on the camera trap

Mr Fox from Lee Sharp on Vimeo.


This morning dawned clear and sunny, but at about 8.30 I spotted something shiny in the sky, too big to be a star, closer inspection with binoculars revealed a balloon at about 20,000ft. Soon I spotted 7 others at various distances and altitudes. 

All pretty much the same design of ballon except for one which was darker, but too far away to see clearly - was it a race, a club or just many balloonists taking advantage of perfect conditions to cross the mountains?

After setting the camera trap (more later) I went for walk up Joubac returning by the Quer d'Aleu, arriving home before the next snow arrived.

jeudi 8 février 2018

Extra snow overnight

Lucky I got the wood out of the field last night! Fetched some hay reserves from the barn this morning before the snow gets too deep to reach the barn at Le Sarrach.

mercredi 7 février 2018

More snow

The seventh day of light snow today and if the weather forecast is to be believed not much let up for the next couple of weeks! It's been a very sunless and wet/snowy winter so far - we've burnt record amounts of firewood this year and today I had to fetch more from stockpile to refill the woodshed.

lundi 5 février 2018

Tuc de la Coume

A brief break in the latest snow event and we decided to make a dash for Tuc de la Coume. We were a bit late setting out and missed the clear spell. As I left the trees I spooked a Red Stag which ran off into the forest - too quick to get the camera out alas. The snow didn't deliver a fantastic ski descent but it's always good to get out.


camera trap

With so much nocturnal wildlife here we decided to invest in camera trap to see more of it - first stop badgers! Next we'll try for some wild boar.