dimanche 9 janvier 2011

Etang Bleu

After yesterday balmy day basking on hot rock in shirt sleeves, today with a change in weather and location we plunged into winter.
Post holing in rotten snow on the way up

The weather was cloudy and rainy this morning but we knew it would be snowing higher up. We headed off for the Etang Garbet with the idea of maybe pushing on to the Etang Bleu if the weather wasn't too bad. It is rare for Paul and I to venture into the mountains together without some disaster besetting us (a few years ago we were avalanched out of a couloir climb on Pic Maubermé), so it was no surprise when on reaching Garbettou that we realised we were following fresh bear tracks through the snow! They were difficult to photograph in the flat light but the size of the print, the size of the stride and the 5 forward pointing toes with big claws were a give-away. He was somewhere out there in the mist but we didn't see him. A few minutes later the crash of a sizeable avanlanche somewhere to our left in the low clouds rang out. It was reassuring to know that after yesterday's uneventful rock climbing that things were back to normal!
The Etang Garbet was completely frozen and by the time we got there it was blizzard conditions. The push on to the Etang Bleu in the rapidly deteriorating weather didn't appeal so we headed for home.

The frozen Etang Garbet

2 commentaires :

penny a dit…

2 new cubs were born in the Couserans in 2010;

Good job you didn't stumble acros mummy bear!!

Anne-France a dit…

Wild bears and Englishmen...!