dimanche 16 janvier 2011


On Friday I made a day trip to London to accompany Susie to the funeral of her father.

Today I started clearing out the ruin next to the house, which I hope to acquire soon. The weather here is unbelievably warm (25 all day) but winter may finally arrive next week if the forecasts are to be believed. As usual here, the ruin is full of rubble, car parts, bottles and other assorted rubbish. I'll probably need to borrow a mini digger to properly empty the building. Plans have been quickly drawn for a possible extension of the house but I won't be 'counting my chickens'...'until the fat lady sings', or at least until the notaire has prepared documents for us both to sign.

4 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

Good luck with the possible extension. If ya do get it, and fix it up, we all want lots of progress pictures as it's being done up.
Happy building, Chip

zaloette a dit…

Hi Lee!!

Well, it would be great to have pics of your work as it develops!!

Would it be possible to see pics of the house where you currently live in before you renovated it??

I've seen some pics in Flickr (a barn I guess) and your job there was great.

Best Regards. Antonio (Zaloette)

Lee Sharp a dit…

Will post pics as/when the post progresses.

Have added a few extra pictures to the "quelebu" page of "before" and "after"...but might add a more extensive slideshow when I have time.

Breezy & Alun a dit…

Wow Lee, very exciting. Will make huge difference to the space available. Are you still thinking of shifting the living space about?

Hope all the "chickens" hatch successfully.

All the best and Happy New Year!

Al & Breezy