lundi 19 août 2013

Pic de la Croix des Lauzes

A couple of days camping in the Turguilla valley with the family and Jordan (Jasper's friend from Totnes). After negotiating the ladders and cables down through the quarry above Gérac we camped by the second lake - L'Etang de l'Astoue.

After some swimming, Jasper, Jordan and I climbed up to Pointe de la Hillette and progressed a short way along the ridge to about 2200m for some great views to Pic Certescan, Pic Montabone, L' Etang Hillette and down to the lake where we were camped.

Jordan peers over the edge in the void

View down to the lake, our tents are on the left hand side, Pic Seron above.

In the evening after some cassoulet, a fine sunset and moonrise, we settled in for the night.

View from the tent


Next morning the clouds were lapping at our feet, so we headed up to climb Pic de la Croix des Lauzes 2349m. Jordan, Ruby and I traversed across to the second top at 2318m before descending over nevés to meet the others at L'Etang de la Croisette. From here, our way home was in the dense cloud.

Pic de la Croix des Lauzes (2349m) looking towards point 2318m as the clouds sweep across

Jordan and Ruby on point 2318m

 Ruby and Jordan on the nevé

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