mercredi 10 juin 2009

Cap de Ruhos

Alun and Breezy on the Col de Crusous

A trip today up Pic de la Montagnoule (2623m) and Cap de Ruhos (2618m) from the Mines d'Anglade with Alun, Breezy and Ian. Marmots and some isard joined us along the way. A strong wind cut through the warm sunshine but the views were spectacular as always. The Lago Mariola was still half frozen.

Aujourd'hui un rando à Pic de la Montagnoule et Cap de Ruhos vers les Mines d'Anglade avec Alun, breezy et Ian. Une marmotte et des isards nous joignent. Un vent fort et froid malgré le soliel, mais les vues dégagés comme toujours de ces Pics. Le Lac d'Mariola etait moitie moitie la glace et l'eau.
Cap de Ruhos summit

On the descent we swung into the 'hidden valley' of Fontaret, positively Dolomitic.

Nous sommes descendu vers la 'vallée caché' de Fontaret, presque Dolomitique.

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Anne a dit…

Salut Lee, un peu d'ortographe: "Une marmotte" c'est un animal de montagne, "un marmot", c'est un petit enfant! :D
Merci encore pour l'aide avec la faux, je vais essayer ce week-end.

Alun a dit…

Hi Lee
Love the grammer correction. Great pics. Had a fab day on the walk and thanks so much for the guiding. The Godin looks great now its blacked up. Also found out what that basket is in your attic. It is a Skep! A beehive. Probably made in the attic. Would have had a smaller one inside so that the larger one contained the swarm while the smaller one was harvested of honey. Got an article in a magazine which I will send through to you.