samedi 9 février 2013

Joubac (ski)

As the weather and visibility didn't look promising at Guzet and with so much snow here I decided to make a ski tour from the house. I left ski's on feet and on reaching La Bordasse headed up Joubac. It's a modest 1069m high but there's a good descent and the powder was oh so deep and light! Skinning up for the first time was hard work - breaking trail through deep snow, but subsequent ascents on the same skin track were much easier.

Problems with the ageing GoPro headcam so alas no videos (think I fixed it now).

I made four complete descents, the final one ending up at Serge and Danni's house for a coffee!

No problems with the recently broken foot or remembering how to ski!

Leaving the house skis on feet

Arrival at the summit

The amazing views (note wind sock in photo above, it's a high mountain airstrip in summer)

Nearing the top for descent number four

Still snowing here tonight and more forecast over coming days! An update on works here, Jasper's room complete except for some painting and Ruby's should be in the same state by bedtime. The Utility is now almost finished too.

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