mercredi 30 juillet 2008

Pointe de la Hillette to Pointe de Rabassère

Pointe de Rabassère and the NW ridge to its right. The horizontal section on the extreme right is seldom (if ever) climbed and required the rope, the rest was easy scrambling/walking even though it looks much harder and is part of the VN.

Finally managed to go back and climb the NW ridge of Pointe de Rabassère (2568m) all the way from Pointe de la Hillette. Penny was free, so we set off early and were at the start of the ridge in about an hour. We roped up and moving together, traversed the ridge. It was good fun 'pioneering' a ridge which has been seldom or perhaps never climbed - no guidebook description to follow, no trace of previous passage.

The start

There were some huge unstable blocks, at least three 'through routes' and some interesting route finding. In fact the ridge was nowhere particularly difficult, but often exposed.

The mother of all 'threads'

Flake anyone?

The end of the roped scrambling

The grade probably PD with sections of II+ (probably avoidable), no abseils required. Protection was there when you needed it and the granite was incredibly rough but quite lichenous.

From the summit we descended the east ridge then bagged Pic Turguilla (2527m) before returning via the Cabane Turguilla to Gerac.

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