mercredi 15 juillet 2020

Etang d'Ayes et Col d'Auèdole

Since the hay making, the weather has remained remarkably unsettled. A few hot sunny days are followed by storms, then cloud and rain and more cloud....then it repeats. Good for most the vegetables but not the tomatoes plants which are outside (fortunately most of ours are in the poly tunnel this year).

Sophie is here with a friend from Paris (Sue) and as the weather looked OK on Tuesday we decided to show Sue the mountains with an easy walk. We drove up to the parking at Mont Ner above the Etang Bethmale and had originally planned to go to the Col de Laziès, but with it being July 14 (Bastille day) everywhere was crowded (by Couserans standards), so decided to go to the Refuge Salvadore then follow the ridge from Pic de Midi de Bordes back to the col picking up 4 or 5 modest pics on the way.

It quickly became apparent that we had over-estimated Sue's abilities when reaching Lee Cabane proved difficult for her. A quick lunch and some re-planning changed our objective to the Etang d'Ayes. We retraced our steps and climbed up through the Cirque de Campuls to join the GR10 and the Etang.

We stayed on the GR10 to descend via the Col d'Auèdole. 11km and a very modest 350m of ascent...but a first introduction to the mountains for Sue.

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