mercredi 10 mai 2017

Tuc d'Eychelle

More pointing, log splitting, looking for new sheep and a new sign for the gite...time for a trip to the mountains!

We set off from Col de la Core and were expecting deep soft snow so took snowshoes, but in fact the snow was firm even in the late afternoon, crampons would have been more useful. We made easy progress and reached the Etang d'Eychelle, still partially frozen, in a couple of hours. 

We had lunch at the cabane d'Eychelle and watched ski tourer descend from Tuc de la Messe, 2 hours of portage seems barely worth the effort for 20 minutes of ski descent.

We headed up towards the peak but a little before the Col de la crouzette the snow was getting very firm, so we avoided the shadow and headed left to the Col d'Aubies. The last few metres were free of snow but scrappy and unstable, whilst on the snow a sizeable rock narrowly missed us.

From the Col we headed North eventually reaching the Tuc d'Eychelle. I re-erected the summit cross which had fallen over, then we descended directly to the Cabane d'Eychelle once more.

Susie with Valier appearing behind Tuc de Quer Ner


We lazed at the Etang d'Eychelle watching the frogs jumping in and out of the lake, a Red Kite overhead and later a paraglider, before heading home.

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