vendredi 19 mai 2017

Sheep Shelter

We're collecting some of our new ouessant sheep on Sunday, so we've spent the last couple of days hurriedly building a shelter for them from mostly salvaged and left over materials. More photos of the sheep as soon as they arrive.

Susie and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today.

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gabriele gray a dit…

Well, it's the 7th wedding anniversary when the gift is wool, but the 5th is wood, so a sheep shelter works too. And a very nice sheep shelter it is; whatever the source, I imagine you're pleased with the results.
Sam Neill not only acts, he makes wine in NZ and has sheep (South Suffolk) and has named two of his ewes for female costars. I don't know if you like him as an actor but the wine, sheep, goat and chicken stories are worth a read. Here's one such story, since I can't send you wine to celebrate the anniversary, or a ewe of your choosing, maybe meeting someone else who likes sheep will be acceptable.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Haha...making elderflower champagne at the moment - but it's gone thick and syrupy (does that from time to time) so will have to start a second batch.