mercredi 21 mai 2008

Pointe de Rabassere

Drove upto Gerac above Guzet ski station - where they were load testing the chairlift to Freychet (which hasn't opened for two seasons) with huge barrels of water on every chair on the 'up' side. After the short via ferrata section I continued towards the cabane Turguilla but soon crossed the stream below the first lake and headed up towards a shapely pyramid called Pointe de la Rabassere (2568m). It looks a great peak and is defended by a long gendarmed granite arete. After gaining the crest there were great views down to the Etang de la Hillette on one side of the ridge and the Etang d'Astoue on the other (this still had some huge ice sheets floating in it).

Higher up the Etang de Reglisse is still solid ice. Sometimes these aretes look awesome but when you get there they prove to be relatively easy - not this one. I picked my way along it for 25 mins but it's one for a rope, plenty of slings and a small rack. For another day.
I reached a high point of about 2280m before the cloud came down and sat at about 2000m, but by this time I was long gone and it proved to be a relatively short day.

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