jeudi 15 août 2013

Etang d' Eychelle and Tuc de la Messe

Super hot in the mountains today. We left the house a bit late and all found the climb up to the lake from the Col de la Core (1395m) taxing (I've had an stomach upset for the last couple of days which has left me a bit weak). At the lake we all took a dip to cool off - thank god for mountain lakes! Over lunch we saw a white Egyptian vulture - a rarity as the vultures here are usually griffon vultures or lammergiers.

After lunch we had planned to climb Tuc de la Messe, but the heat and the attraction of the lake was too much for the rest of the gang so I set off alone and made in the summit in an hour. Good views of the rest of the Pyrenees, more vultures (griffons) and a lone marmot.

Tuc de Quer Ner from the Cabin d'Eychelle

Mont Valier from Col de la Crouzette

Summit ridge of Tuc de la Messe (2446m)

Looking East

Jasper and Jordan above Col de la Core

The return to the car was encouraged by the promise of fresh fruit: we'd spied bilberries and raspberries growing on the hillside on the way to the lake. Alas on a handful made it back to the car uneaten!

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