jeudi 26 juin 2008


Maubermé towers 6500ft above the nearest point of access
I climbed Pic Maubermé (2880m) today (it was third time lucky as the last two winter attempts were disastrous). The weather looked doubtful this morning at 6.30 when I left the house but I was soon above the clouds and the weather was perfect. There was still some steep snow just before the Port d'Urets but I managed to avoid it and was there in 3 hours exactly. The onward route was mostly on snow or crappy scree liquified with snow melt. although a detour near the summit produced a nice bit of climbing. It took another two hours to reach the summit which is the highest in the Couserans.

View over the clouds from Port d'Urets
The summit shot

Mines de Bentaillou (telephoto lens shot from the summit)

Rather than descend the same way I headed for the Port de Hourquette and descended towards the Mines de Bentaillou, but kept right passing the refuge de sans and crossing the bottom of the Couloir Tartereau (scene of my recent avalanche). It was a long outing (9hrs) and with over 2000m (6600ft) of vertical ascent and then descent and about 24km (15miles) my feet and knees are feeling it.

Waterfall at the bottom of the Couloir Tartereau

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Andy a dit…

Incredible shots Lee. Sounds like a great day out.

Work at my desk wasn't as fulfilling, but still a ride on Sunday should sort that out.