jeudi 12 juin 2008

Wet grass

More torrential rain last night which was so heavy it came through the walls of the house over the front door and has washed away all the soil on the track which leads to the barn down to the original stones.

This morning it was dry but the sky was full of storm clouds. I carried on with the final fitting out of the barn and just before lunch turned the hay...again. Penny came over at lunch time to return some books I lent her, then after lunch, with the forecast for the next ten days being RAIN, I decided to bring in all the hay (aka wet grass) and throw it up into a haycock until we have some better weather when I'll need to respread it to dry. Of course as soon as I started the sun came out and it was hot as you like. I used the jimny and trailer to help transport the hay back to the barn where I built the haycock and six hours and more than 20 trailer loads later its all done - must be 2 1/2 tonnes of hay I reckon (more at the moment as its wet). About double what I got off the same field last year. About 2/3rds of it is in a proper haycock the other third is just piled up for now.

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