samedi 17 octobre 2020

Col de Pause, Cabin d'Areau, Cour Vic

After over a week of rainy cold weather the mountains finally emerged white and snow clad on Friday. Today we were free to get out, though after Susie had a bad night's sleep, "we" was Sheri and I. Snow started at the Col de Pause and once we passed the first cabin we donned snowshoes. There were traces of 2 ski tourers who had been up Tuc de Bignau yesterday and we saw 2 more today, although they had started very late and with the heat today, the snow was sticky and heavy after about 11am. They probably summitted at 2pm so doubt their descent was fun.

Snow was peeling off Lanet Clau 

Etang d'Areau not yet frozen

Ski tourers starting the final part of the ascent to Tuc de Bignau

Lunchspot on Cour Vic...

...and the view

From our lunch spot we saw a lot of avalanches peeling off Valier and Pomebrunet opposite. Descent in increasingly sticky snow direct to the Cabane d'Areau, keeping on the left bank of the couloir (not in skiable condition).

No wildlife today except a group of kites

A pair of fox holes just below the Col between Cour Vic and Pointe de la Banque.

Cuns d'Aula

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