vendredi 9 octobre 2020

Port de Materat

Decided to snatch a good weather day in the's been a while since a good length walk! We've gotten out of practice with early starts and it was nearly 10am before we left and further traffic delays meant that it was nearly 11.00 when we set off from Ossese for the Port de Materat (2218m).

Always lovely autumn colours in the valley Ossese and after the rain and snow of the last few weeks the streams and waterfalls were in full spate too.

Boots and socks off for the river crossing below the Croix de Portère, but the water wasn't too cold.

Croix de Portère

Not much snow remaining (washed away by the rain of Tuesday and Wednesday) and only after the source de Mariole did it begin to dominate. A steep section with some landslips was too much for Susie and I gingerly pressed on to the Cabane Materat, but with the late start and weather forecast to deteriorate I didn't bother with the last 50m to the col.

The disappointment was soon erased as on the way back when we stumbled across 4 ibex, 3 adults and a kid. The ibex have recently been reintroduced into the Pyrenees and this is only the second time we've seen them.

I also saw an adder and Susie a slow worm and this frog.

A grand day out (1250m denivilée).

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