dimanche 9 juillet 2006

Mont Valier

Today I decided to go for a walk in the mountains, the weather was set fair and after all I promised myself one walk a week. Where better to start than Mont Valier the mountain that dominates the view from Quelebu. I’ve climbed it several times usually over two days but there are many routes I haven’t tried yet. As I have to get my fitness back I thought I’d start with something tough! A long approach via the Port d’Aula (briefly into Spain) a traverse of Pic Pale, Petit Valier and Mont Valier, before returning over Petit Valier to descend via the Couloir Peyre Blanc. In all 8 hours of walking and about 6600ft of ascent. Tough it was, especially the descent, but the views were spectacular and it was good to stretch the legs

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