jeudi 1 novembre 2018

Cour Vic

After the recent snows a trip was hurriedly put together to go play. Sheri plus our neighbours, Sandrine, Sophie and Nanou joined us for a stomp from the Col de Pause up to the Cabane d'Areou and across to Cour Vic for lunch opposite Mont Valier. A fun descent of the couloir below allowed us to use the snowshoes we'd been carrying all day.

First snows

At the cabane d'Areou

Etang d'Areou looking very green


Reflection with bird

Sheri, Susie and Sandrine below Cour Vic

Nanou and I


The hills are alive with the sound of music

Cave under the nevés on the Cuns d'Aula

More nevés

Telephoto shot of solitary isard

Cloud magic from the summit looking back towards home

Getting ready for the snowshoe descent

Descending the couloir...a great ski when there's more snow

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