mercredi 1 juin 2011

Port d'Aula

The rain overnight brought fresh snow to the mountains this morning, so Susie and I set off to the Port d'Aula and a quick foot inside Spain. It was fresh all the way and the last few hundred metres to reach the Port were bitterly cold (-2) with light snow and a strong wind (gusts of 45 km/h).
Yoga at 2000m
At the Port d'Aula

En route we saw a solitary vulture soaring around the Cuns d'Aula and 4 Isard which took flight as we approached.

3 commentaires :

zaloette a dit…

Hi Lee,

Great photos and great news that snow is back in the Pyrénées. I just checked out the webcams at Pic du Midi and it is currently snowing. Thanks God!

Spring is being so warm that even Meteofrance commented the fact in its season report.

Kind regards and thanks for keeping us updated. By the way, any news of the valuation?


Lee Sharp a dit…

Hi Antonio, the valuation was 160,000 euros...a bit less than I had hoped for, but oh well!

zaloette a dit…

Thanks Lee! Well, you know that those people making the valuations always tend to be below the real sale price.

I think is good news Lee. I could give you a similar example of my house here in Spain.... and after the bubble burst is even worse.

Kind regards,