samedi 13 juin 2020

Gerac, Turguilla, Rabaserre

A break in the rainy unsettled weather allowed another hastily arranged walk in the mountains with Sheri and Michiel. Despite the sunny appearance of the weather in the photos an icy wind was blowing a hoolie and it was both bitterly cold in the morning and sometimes difficult to keep your balance.

Pointe de Rabaserre (left) and Pointe de Hillette (right)

At the cabane de Tuguilla we took refuge from the wind for an early lunch and discuss the onward route options. We decided to head up to the Etang de Reglisse and then the col on the west ridge of Pointe de Rabaserre, as this looked like it would be more sheltered from the wind.

Etang de Rabaserre

A few hundred meters below the col the fresh snow appeared and Sheri and Susie decided to cal it a day. 

Michiel and I pressed on to the col which was decidedly delicate as some 20cm of fresh snow had covered the patchwork of huge boulders and old névé with a seemingly continuous snowfield but this disguised deep holes and weak snow bridges. Mostly we managed to stick to the edges. Below the col there was a small patch of steep grass covered in melting snow and this was perhaps the trickiest bit to cross as a slip would have nasty consequences! Inhte end all passed without incident and at the col we were greated with the icy wind and marvrllous view to Certescan and Montabone.

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