samedi 25 juillet 2020

Pic du Midi de bordes to Col de Lazies and Etang d'Ayes

The hot and often stormy weather continues with some huge thunderstorms, but the following days these sometimes bring fantastic hauls of mushrooms!

A splendid meal and soirée at Al and Breezy's during which another storm allowed us to witness incredible scenes of spate high in the mountains with the Cascade Léziou and surround streams absolutely full to overflow with chocolate brown turbulent waters.

Today a return to the Cirque de Campuls to complete the walk we had originally planned to do with Sophie and Sue. Very hot and humid weather made for a tough and sweaty walk despite the modest height gain. 

Cabin Salvadore

The ridge is an interesting walk with great views but at this time of year a bit overgrown. Quite a bit of bilberry bashing and stinging nettles to be negotiated. A good path leads to the Cabane Lee before climbing steeply to the Cabane Salvadore.  The path to the col (with great views to the West) and then Pic du Midi de Bordes was a bit overgrown and the summit mostly nettles. After retracing our steps to the col we followed the ridge, sometimes steep, occasionally narrow, but never difficult, over the next 6 or so tops. 

Great views towards Balonguère and Mail de Bulard

Griffon vultures everywhere today...

and spiders...

...and choughs

Mont Valier

A snake eagle also called a short-toed eagle

Susie, Sheri and Michiel

Retrospective of the ridge we traversed from right to left - Pic du Midi de bordes, Tuc des Camaus, Pic de la Gerbe,Tuc de Corocle, Tuc de Baumage, Tuc de Lazies.

More vultures on the Col de Lazies

It was too hot and humid to continue to the final peak of the day we had planned, Pic de Crabere, so we descended from the Col de Lazies to the Etang d'Ayes where Susie and Michiel took a dip.

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