jeudi 3 mai 2018

Cascade d'Ars

After some fresh snow in the mountains the day before yesterday, Susie and I decided to venture out. The cascade was in full flow and the fresh snow on the pines made for some pictures.

Near the falls in the early morning the rocks were still verglassed and I took a little fall - no damage done.

The snow on the ground started just below the head of the falls but we found a sunny place to lunch surrounded by wild daffodils and with views to Pic Puntussan.

The onward path towards the Etang de Guzet required crossing some névés, steep in places, with traces of old avalanches.

An easy descent through fields and woods.

Back home the eggs Shelley has been sitting on didn't hatch - either they weren't fertilised or she let them go cold. We may have to get some new hens from another source!

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