lundi 30 mai 2011

Turgilla with Susie

Susie is here and after a couple of days relaxing in the sun after the long journey, feasting on our home grown vegetables (beetroot, lettuce, radishes and a cep) and making another little oak window frame, today we went for a stroll up to the Cabane Turguilla.
A lovely gentian
20 minutes from the hut the thunder started and we just made the hut before the heavens open and a huge storm ensued. The wind was gusting and inside the hut it sounded like the roof would be torn off! We were none the less warm and cosy and after eating our lunch decided to have a siesta - hopeful that the storm would blow over! After a couple of hours it was still raging so we realised that we would have to brave it. We put on all our clothes and waterproofs but no sooner had we stepped outside than the rain stopped the clouds parted and out came the sun!
Dung beetles hard at work
An unidentified beetle

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zaloette a dit…

Great Lee! I'm glad to know you enjoyed that day, and lucky you the storm was over as you came out of the cabane.

Kind regards,