jeudi 12 mai 2011


A week with Susie, Jasper and Ruby in Totnes, before the major groundworks get underway at Quelebu. A trip to Jen's birthday party at Shenmore at the weekend, local walks/cycles with Susie, Dom and Al in the evenings and tonight is "Sprung" the annual dance show at KEVICC the school where Susie teaches dance.

The days have been spent doing the construction drawings for Quelebu and researching dormer details.

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zaloette a dit…

Good morning Lee,

I'm glad to know you enjoyed the week at Totes. It sounds like a very nice week then.

And new projects back in the Pyrénées sound great.

Saturday and Sunday it seems we may have cold weather, so pay attention to new fresh snow on the mountains and hopefully even in villages.

Kind regards,