mercredi 8 juillet 2020

Pic de Lias, Pas de la Banque de Lauret, Pic Montareing, Pic de la Montagnoule, Cap de Ruhos depuis Mines d'Anglade

While Susie is leading a 3 day choreography workshop I decided to make the most of a clear day by climbing one of the few Couserans Pyrenees peaks I haven't visited - Pic de Montareing. From the french side its a stiff climb then a narrow ridge necessitating easy (II) but exposed climbing from either side. I decided to traverse the peak taking in both ridges. Alun and Breezy joined me on the adventure which was quite a tough day in the heat. 1450m dénivilée and 12km accomplished in 6h30 plus stops for food, photos and navigation.

From the mine d'Anglade follow the path up through the trees on to the open hillside heading for the Col de Crusous. At about the level of the Cabane de Saubé head south west to enter the trees on a path which crosses the wall of rock at a small col (close to point 1635m). The path begins to peter out but continue to climb staying not to far from the rock wall to reach the ruined cabane de fontaret. A good 100m altitude higher reach a vague path which slowly gains height heading for the lowest extremity of the rocky spur descending from Tuc du Pis Noir. From here climb more steeply to reach a broad rockface with waterfall (above is the source des bergers) which is passed on the west side. Above head for the obvious col on the west skyline. Not far and clearly visible from here is a new cabane (locked). Pass this and pick the easiest line to reach the frontier ridge above and to your left, either just before or after Pas de Banque de Lauret.

Some of the ridge we would climbing along

New cabane (locked) at about 2300m

On the frontier ridge after 1400m of ascent looking towards Mont Rouch

Turn left and follow the ridge to reach the rocky bastion of Pic de Montareing, with fantastic views to the Lago Mariola below. A good lunch spot after all the steep and often pathless ascent.

About 1.5km of switchback narrow ridge with towers and gendarmes separates you from Cap de Ruhos. Though never too difficult (occasionally II) the exposure and occasional loose rock on the Spanish side demands care and concentration. After a characteristic gneiss tower, the difficulties are mostly over.

Bastion of Montareing


Aneto and Posets from the summit

Lac de Mariola from the summit of Montareing

Halfway along the ridge looking back at Montareing

The ridge to follow to reach Cap de Ruhos

From Cap de Ruhos there remains just the long steep descent to Col de Crusous and then the Mines d' Anglade once more...a descent of over 1400m made in 45 mins!

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